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and government, secret service -- they were all there and they loved it. they were applauding during the movie. >> what did they tell you afterwards, they appreciated the authenticity? >> they appreciated how provocative it was. they also found it very entertaining. the thing about the movie at the end of the day, it makes you so patriotic. and all of these journeys of the heroes and the idea is basically how a country -- it made me feel, no matter what, if they throw their worst at us at the end of the day, we'll make it through. >> you're a scotsman who is an american hero. >> yeah. >> how does it feel? >> to play any kind of hero, i'm not a hero in my real life, so okay, i'll do it in movies. >> how is the rest of your life, by the way? the other parts of it? >> do you sing in the shower? >> i do sing in the shower. >> you're a darn good singer. >> i never had a singing lesson before the opera, it was shower singing and then i had to go for a singing lesson. before i sang for andrew lloyd weber. i said i'm going to sing "music of the night" i said if i'm going to make a fool of myself. tell
that she supported civil unions but not gay marriage. >>> with a potential government shutdown looming later this month, the white house may have to cancel its annual easter egg roll. kristen welker has more. good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. the 135th annual easter egg roll is scheduled for april 1st. on friday, the white house sent out a memo to members of congress and other ticketholders warning that if there is a government shutdown, the event could be canceled. here's part of that memo. by using these tickets, guests are acknowledging that this event is subject to cancellation due to funding uncertainty surrounding the executive office of the president and other federal agencies. if canceled, the event will not be rescheduled. this comes on the heels of the white house cancelling tours here at 1600 pennsylvania avenue due to the sequester. those deep across the board spending cuts that congress failed to avert. white house officials say they are not expecting the easter egg roll to be canceled. they are planning to move forward with it as planned because the
keep the government up and running through the end of september, but it would still mean job furloughs for some hundreds of thousands of federal workers, including air traffic controllers in smaller facilities nationwide. the measure passed the senate on wednesday. >>> and if sharing is caring, well, this guy isn't scoring any high points with his girlfriend. as caught on a fan cam at the magic versus pacers game earlier this week. watch as she tries to grab a bite of his ice cream cone. she gets denied. the announcers notice her losing her patience. circling her angry reactions, even giving the play-by-play on live tv. but finally, he gives in and lets her have a bite. no word on whether or not she showed good humor. >> that's bad. that's bad. >> hey, i didn't write it, i just read it. >> feeling the deep freeze at home later. >> speaking of the deep freeze, nice segue. when al is here on the first full day of spring, he often brings real warm weather. it's cold and it's spring. >> it is. last year it was like 70 degrees on the first day of spring. so i'm not doing so hot. but i looke
with the netanyahu government. they've not always had a great relationship, but that relationship is very strong country to country, no matter who the leader is, and it's particularly important because of the issue of iran and syria. no doubt, the obama white house will have to be dealing with. >> he is back wanting to deal with domestic issues including gun control. after sandy hook we all understood there was a narrow window to get change, meaningful change in terms of gun laws. what has happened now in terms of the assault weapons ban, and where all this goes? >> well, the question is whether the moment is effectively lost. i think that's a real question inside the white house among democrats and gun control supporters. the assault weapons ban will get a vote, but it's not going to pass. the big focus is on background checks, and the big political focus is not going away. i sat down with new york city mayor michael bloomberg who talked about his own big push to spend money to target lawmakers. he has taken names based on how they vote on the assault weapons ban. >> i think i have a responsibi
abdullah, on the docket the middle east peace process. >>> the government will stay up and running through september, but some $85 billion in spending cuts have put hundreds of thousands of government workers on temporary furloughs. thursday night the house passed the spending authorization that now heads to the president for his signature. >>> it turns out our universe is much older than we previously thought. about 100 million years older, in fact. scien tipss investigating leftover radiation from the big bang made the finding using new data from the european space agency's plank spacecraft. >>> and now let's head to wall street, cnbc's kayla tausche is at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good friday morning. all eyes or on cyprus. the country has until monday to raise billions of dollars for a bailout. lawmakers are trying to figure out how the tiny country can stay in the european union. >>> friday the new blackberry debut, the performance of companies like red lobster, parent darden. >> kayla tausche, thank you. >>> some rare march madness buzz for a school that doesn't usual
, because israeli government officials say chemical weapons have been used in that syrian conflict. u.s. officials have not said that. we'll be curious to hear what the president has to say about it. >> lots to watch in jerusalem this morning. chuck todd, thank you. and stay with nbc news, we'll have complete coverage of the president's trip to the middle east. and now here's hoda. >>> we have new information on a chilling plot to attack students at the university of central florida. police believe they closed in on a suspect just before he was set to go on a shooting spree and this morning for the first time we are hearing the 911 call that helped stop it. nbc's mark potter is in miami with more. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. police say they still cannot explain why the man had weapons and explosives in his college dorm room, a situation they were made aware of by a 911 call from his roommate. >> the fire alarm went off. i opened the door to see what was going on, and he's there with like some sort of like gun, like large assault gun. >> reporter: alerted by th
and defense of marriage act that blocks the federal government from recognizing it but for the people at the heart of the case, it is simple. they just want to get married. this couple has been together 13 years and raised four boys now ages 18 to 24. what they most want to be is married. >> we love each other. we are a family. we want to experience the same societial acceptance. >> along with a gay couple who says proposition 8 passed by voters in 2008 to stop same-sex marriage in the state is unconstitutional. >> the state is excluding people based on who they are, based on sexual orientation from an incredibly important institution in this country for no good reason. >> reporter: prop 8 defenders say allowing same-sex couples to wed could weaken the institution of marriage. >> it is difficult for americans and our public policy and culture to emphasize the fact that mothers and fathers are necessary when the law says they are optional. >> reporter: an 83-year-old widow from new york is challenging another law, the defense of marriage act. it blocks federal recognition of same-sex c
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7